LoginRadius API Documentation

Developers, we have compiled these comprehensive guides and documentation to help you work with the LoginRadius API in ways that will meet your company’s requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. On this page, you will find essential documentation on getting started, process flows and comprehensive guides for implementing various platform features, our SDK libraries and much more!

Get Started

API Libraries - Overview

The LoginRadius API is organized around REST and can be used for creating and managing user accounts. For instance, if you wanted to create a new user account with a given an email address and password, you could send LoginRadius an HTTP POST request and LoginRadius would create a new user account for you, and store it securely on LoginRadius's cloud storage. It has resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. We use basic HTTP authentication and standard HTTP verbs. JSON is returned by all API responses, including errors, although our API libraries convert responses to appropriate language-specific objects.


Authenticate your LoginRadius account while using the API by including your API and secret API key in the request. You can manage your API keys and API secrets in the LoginRadius dashboard. Your API secrets are associated to privileges and hence must be kept secret. Do not share your API secret in publicly accessible areas such GitHub, client-side code, and so forth.

All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail.

Getting API Keys

Your API keys and API secrets are accessible through your dashboard page. For any questions, please reach out to us at support@loginradius.com.

Helper Libraries

To make your integration easier, you can use one of our following wrapper libraries that you can import in your application. For any other language, you can use any HTTP requests library to make API calls.

LoginRadius-python library, for your Python application
LoginRadius-java library, for your Java application
LoginRadius-Ruby library, for your Ruby application
LoginRadius-php library, for your PHP application
LoginRadius-coldfusion library, for your coldfusion application
LoginRadius-node library, for your Node.js application
LoginRadius-asp.net library, for your asp.net application
LoginRadius-HTML5 library, for your HTML5 application

The guides and API reference pages have code samples.

API Libraries - Overview