LoginRadius API Documentation

Developers, we have compiled these comprehensive guides and documentation to help you work with the LoginRadius API in ways that will meet your company’s requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. On this page, you will find essential documentation on getting started, process flows and comprehensive guides for implementing various platform features, our SDK libraries and much more!

Get Started


LoginRadius API is the easiest way for customers to implement social login and user registration into their apps and websites. We provide APIs and SDKs that integrate into your tech stack. We also provide customizable workflows and fully customizable registration and social login interfaces.

How it works

We have REST APIs that can be used to maintain the life cycle of the user throughout your web properties.

  • User APIs are useful in order to define the lifecycle of the user. You can Register user after checking for email availability and also update user details. You can also fetch the user profile. You can see more user apis on the left hand side pane.
  • Account APIs are useful for operations such as link multiple accounts or delete an account. You can see more APIs on the left hand side pane.
  • Custom object is a dynamic storage container that can be used for a variety of storage purposes. You can use APIs such as create/update and delete to manage the lifecycle of the custom objects. You can use the stats api to get information about the usage of your custom object data store.
  • View getting started to get started with social login.
  • Social Login APIs are useful to fetch user details such as company, contact , album etc from the social provider after getting the access token. You can see more social APIs on the left hand side pane.
  • LoginRadius SSO feature enables customers to allow their users to login to multiple web properties without having to provide credentials for each.
  • Cloud Storage APIs can be used for operations such as fetching user profile identity data directly from LoginRadius cloud storage and subscribing/unsubscribing to REST hooks. You can also read about the processes that LoginRadius employs to migrate existing data from customer database to LoginRadius cloud storage over here
  • View the API Libraries section to gain insights about the SDKs currently supported by LoginRadius and how LoginRadius platform can be integrated into your web property based on the technology in which the web property is built on.
  • View the mobile sdk section to learn about the mobile SDKs supported by LoginRadius and how these SDKs can be integrated as part of your mobile login solution.


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